viernes, 16 de abril de 2010

My experience in english 8

this class help me a lot in many things. first I learned to write in a way more efficient. I learned too to understand some kind of words that I didn't knew it, but that words sometimes are very technical words.

the class there was interesting because we talked about issues in common like, global pollution, many ways to recycle, among others. and finally, the friendship of the group, consultancies of the teacher and and share with the group.

mind map


Tennis is a racquet sport played is played between two players (singles) or between two pairs (doubles). It originated in Europe in the late nineteenth century and expanded at first in anglophone countries, especially among its upper classes. Today's tennis has become global, and is played in almost every country in the world. Since 1926, with the creation of the first tour, is a professional sport. It is also an Olympic sport since Seoul 1988, having lost that category in 1924.Tennis originated in France in 1400. The game was similar to the present, but the mesh was a mound of earth. He hit the ball with his hand, then led the racket. The modern game originated in England by Walter Winfield in 1873. Four years later, was internationalized through the Wimbledon tournament.Outbridge Mary introduced him to the United States after visiting friends in England.In Puerto Rico, the first figure in tennis was Walter L Cope. In 1959, Central American Games in Caracas, Charles Gateway stands. More recently we have Gigi Fernóndez, double champion winning international tournaments.actually tennis has evolved in a way very demanding. the uniform has made of cotton. today the uniform is made of polyester because is lighter than cotton. is the same case of the rackets. at the beginning of the tennis rackets has made of wood. actually the rackets are made of carbon fiber. the carbon fiber is lighter and harder than the wooden racket. A tennis match begins with a kick of players, which should hit the ball so that this pot inside the box opposite the side that takes, that is if a player draws from the right, the ball should throw in the box on the left but always in the box attached to the network, the side of his opponent. For each point the player gets two chances, if it fails the first, has more. In the event that the throw hit the ball in the net and go to the track of the opponent and into the square of serve is repeated.

If the throw is valid, it starts a rally in which the players, or partners, adversaries use to hit the ball alternately. The point ends when one player does not return the ball properly, either by not hitting the ball before this boat twice in his side, hitting and not getting boat on the side of the or opponents, or by hitting him with his body or any object other than the racket that has, in either case the point goes to the player or the opposing team. A tennis match is composed of sets, the first to win a certain number of sets is the winner. Each set consists of games. In every game there is a player who rolls, which alternates. In turn, the games are composed of points.

The first to win 4 points with a minimum difference of 2 points over his rival is the winner of the game, where neither players or teams have a two to reach four points wins the game first to make a difference of 2 points. Counting points is quite particular: when a player wins his first point your scorecard is 15, when you win 2 points 30, and when you win 3 points 40. Example: if the server of the game has earned 3 points and 1 point receiver is the score 40-15. Punch always score first appointment. When both players are tied at 40 are said to be "deuce" or "equal." The first player or team that wins a point after deuce achieved an "advantage" if he wins the next point wins the game, otherwise it will be at deuce again until there is a difference of two points.

The player who wins the set is the one who gets to 6 games, with a difference of two. If a player reaches 6 games, but with a difference of 1 (6-5) must continue until one gets the proper difference. If the regulation sets a limit tournament play, will have to play a tie-break "or" sudden death ", in which the outcome of the set is played by points (one-zero, two-zero, three-zero etc.), until someone manages to get to 7 points, with a difference of 2. If there is no difference 7 points 2 (eg 7-6), will have to wait for one of the players get a difference of 2 points, I get that being the victory in the tie-break and September 7-6. The player starts taking off in a tie-break "only has a kick turn (with first and second service) and from there, take turns in 2 shifts per player until the end of it.

jueves, 15 de abril de 2010

One of my favorite sport: tennis

A. Is a complete sport
1. Is physically demanding
2. Is a global sport
a. Professionally tennis is too much demanding because you should have a good skills and great abilities
b. All year the tournaments are held in different places of the world like: France, Australia, United States, England.
i. In this sport there are excellent players like: Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray, among others.
ii. This players are in great shape they are the best players in the world actually.
B. There are very important tournaments.
1. These important tournaments they call: Grand Slams!
2. There are a qualifying stage and guesses.
a. There are just only 4 grand slams: Australia open, Roland Garros in France, Winbledon in London and US Open.
b. In every tournament they have to earn points to compete for first place in the ATP(Association of Tennis Professionals)
a. Actually the ranking of ATP is: in first place, Roger Federer; in second place: Novak Djokovic; third place: Rafael Nadal.
i. Federer is the best player in the world: actually he is a legend living because he have won many grand slams on the history of tennis.

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Drought is a temporary anomaly in which water availability is below the statistical requirements of a given geographical area. The water is not sufficient to meet the needs of plants, animals and humans. The main cause of any drought is the lack of rain.

In Venezuela is in the most critical situation of drought in recent years of history.

However, the deterioration caused by humans is causing the world countless environmental imbalances throughout the world; this phenomenon has been christened the 'Child'. This phenomenon in Venezuela is causing one of the biggest drought for which has crossed over 60 years, this led to, among other things, the alarming reduction in the levels of rivers and thus hydroelectric dams. For these reasons, the appeal is to join the energy saving measures advanced by the Venezuelan state, and all people of the world should raise awareness about the situation that is happening the world in recent years.

miércoles, 24 de marzo de 2010

TV: advantages and disadvantages

TV as we all know is very worldly known but even this has its advantages and disadvantages.

Its main advantage is that it entertains you. When you're boring, you spend time watching tv. On tv you can see many things like educational channels, series, scientific contributions, music, among others.

disadvantage is that evil has many programs that should not be seen by many people and more for children because it can adversely affect them, some of the problems of television is that today are more expensive, and this is a problem for many people find a TV.

Segunda mitad del noveno

speaks of how people making important decisions in life and as influences and once having taken that decision. Some people have survived by themselves for having taken the right decision and also have died as those who had taken the wrong desicion. For example. A verse that speaks of many people famous for making bad decisions because gaining their lives. However. Also speaks that there are many ways to make a right decision to be filled with hope and we must be found for everything we want to do so because success brings us to remain open to situations with maturity and knowing how to handle the situations that are very adverse. This is one of the important keys for success.
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